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Cover "Trixie's Hot Box"

Trixie's Hot Box

Adult Content Romance ~ PG excerpt 
From MuseItUp Publishing, June 2012
Urban Fantasy
Scent is a powerful substance, more so than many think. Witches, whose bodies host a symbiont,  know different. Scents affect pheromones, pheromones affect brain chemistry. Control brain chemistry, and you control what another senses.

Legend's CipherCover "Legend's Cipher"
Books-By-Wings ePress
Companion anthology to Aegis World
4th novel in Aegis Series.
Magic makes you different, makes others look upon you with suspicion. Many think those having such strangeness are dangerous, threatening, and also somehow undeserving of such a 'gift.' What Bertok had not related when the bishop gave him this mission was his greatest, most buried secret--he possessed such an unnatural ability. Now he must use his magic against others, expose them, and hope he will not be caught.

Cover "Acceptance"
Books-By-Wings ePress
2008 Dream Realm Award Finalist Fantasy
2nd novel in Aegis Series
Her mother demanded two things of Tyna… that she never expose her true nature, and that she never enter Cygna, the land of witches. Now, her mother is dead and her sister has abandoned her. To save her trade caravan after a disastrous attack and fire, she must break every prohibition. Once inside Cygna’s borders, Tyna learns it is the one place where she could be her true self. The cost is high: her freedom and self will; but if her presence is discovered, escape may be impossible.

Books-By-Wings ePress
3rd novel in Aegis Series
A Family Divided… responsibility and duty drove mercenary Kissre Pierce to find her sister in Cygna, the land of witches. Her journey to assure her sister’s safety pits sister against sister, country against country,and forces Kissre to face her own frightening nature. 

Fallen Angel Review -- 5 Angels.

Kissre Pierce sets out on a journey to Cygna to find out if her sister, Tyna, is there of her own will. Not only is Kissre a mercenary but she is also a Colonel in the Kaereya’s Royal Guard. She has been very faithful in her service. Cygna is her land of birth and seldom welcomes strangers, but she feels she has a duty to locate her sister. She and Tyna have not always been on the best of terms, so Kissre begins to dread the trip. After she finds Tyna, she has no idea she will have to endure rebuke and shame. Not only does she have to encounter a visit with her sister, but she soon bonds with Dovel and they begin a relationship, at first mostly out of interest. Now that she is in Cygna, things begin to happen in her life where she feels trapped. Can she finally confront her past and accept a second chance before she ends up losing everything?

Tyna needs to find answers. She loves and adores her sister, Kissre, but doesn’t understand her reasoning for disliking their mother so much. Other unanswered questions rise as to why Kissre prefers being a mercenary by trade when she could live in Cygna and find a creditable life.

Acceptance is truly brilliant with all the legends of another time combined with betrayal, antagonism and finding that second chance that many so often miss. I could feel the emotions that Kissre was experiencing as she faced many obstacles. The way she only wanted to be loved brought tears to my eyes. I enjoyed the mention of the legend of the black swans during their celebration of Spring Rites. The characters all blended well to enhance a wonderful story. Ms. Courtright undeniably knows how to spin a tale that captivates. The style of her writing painted a picture that seemed so life-like as it captured the pages. It was like being in a magical fantasyland the way that Ms. Courtright depicted the scenery. She is a very expressive author and I look forward to more of her fascinating stories.

Reviewed by: Linda

Cover "Magic Aegis"

Books-By-Wings ePress
2005 Dream Realm Award Fantasy Winner
Golden Wings Award 
1st novel in Aegis Series.
Centuries ago the witch Chloe cast the Aegis spell binding four men and their descendants to protect her homeland, Kaereya, from invasion. Unfortunately, turmoil often comes from within. Now, long after the Aegis families have died out, terrible dreams of what might be afflict Vesper, but when needed most the magic needed has been lost.

Fallen Angel Reviews: 5 Angels & Recommended Read. ~ Vesper’s handfasting to Drew awakens her seer talent and transforms her life. Vesper is shunned as the bastard of the housekeeper. One night out of anger, humiliation and pride she accepts Drew’s token. Suddenly she is torn from everything she knows to live among Clan Montoren as Drew’s wife. Drew Montoren has loved Magic Aegis given Golden Wings AwardVesper from the first time he saw her. Knowing she is terrified and bewildered by the abrupt change in her life, he asks her for one year. Determined to win her over, he begins a campaign of love. Raymond Aurelias discovers that he has a daughter via a letter written by his deceased wife. After the untimely deaths of two wives and sons, he fears for his daughter. Instead of contacting her, he sends his most trusted servant to protect and watch her.

Rhobin Lee Courtright deftly intertwines the poignant tale of two lovers overcoming pride and obstinacy within the heart wrenching reunion of father and daughter. In a kingless land, besieged by treachery, a father seeks to shelter and know his daughter while a young Aegis romances her. Magic Aegis is a gripping, stunning tale of overconfidence, duplicity, fickleness, and the courage to change. Magic is gone according to history: a legend, a story, yet someone is killing those with magic in their families. Maybe magic exists, but belief is required before it dies. I could not put Magic Aegis down. Rhobin Lee Courtright cleverly wraps the reader in a saga of love, heartache, growth, and magic lost and found. I eagerly await her next story in the thrilling world of Vesper, Drew, and Raymond. 
Reviewed by Dena