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Home World Reax
Books-By-Wings ePress June 2018!
Fourth in the Home World Series
First Book of Reax Available in June

At eighteen, Meara would do anything to escape the abuse she endured in Falcon House on her home world of Reax. An Engagement assignment off world to prove herself a capable Falcon ensured her release. She only stayed long enough to make sure her one best friend made it back to Reax.

Nine years later war and plague have decimated Reax. When proof is discovered of a renegade Falcon, Jencet is sent to bring her back to Reax. It might be difficult as Maera is now a citizen and war hero of the powerful United Planets Alliance, a government powerful enough to take-over Reax.
Books-By-Wings ePress June 2016
Third story in Home World Series
Third Book of Aginfeld
Part of a trio of Dragoon super soldiers who have escaped Colonial Pact ownership, Brigit has moved constantly for the last twelve years. The three use their highly developed skills to protect each other and remain invisible to any Colonial Pact hunters.

A message from a trusted source brings them to Aginfeld, a planet whose bioformed land and atmosphere nears completion. Inside their ancient habitats, the residents are known for the feudal lifestyles. They have survived the Colonial Pact’s decimating exile, are now a legal colony again, but under a subversive attack. The corporation wants Aginfeld at any cost for its vast and valuable resources and its soon to be habitable land. Brigit knows Aginfeld is a dangerous place for Dragoons, but the lure of freedom and a home is irresistible.

Cover "The Nanite Warrior"

Books-By-Wings ePress, October 2013
Second story in Home World Home World

After a thousand years of bioforming, turmoil and danger define the planet Aginfeld, but nothing has prepared its citizens for an attack by a centuries old Dragoon soldier, or another attempt by the Colonial Pact to claim ownership of Aginfeld.

Enforcer Commandant Ithan Van Garth doesn't want another wife selected for him by anyone. He will claim his own no matter what the consequences. Dragoon pilot Xandra doesn't want to die, but she doesn't want to kill thousands of civilians for the greedy Colonial Pact directors. They leave her no choice.

Commandant of the Enforcers, Ithan Van Garth has captured what looks like a Colonial Pact spy, but for Ithan it is a lucky encounter. Rather than agree to a wife of his lord's choice, he can choose his own. Not letting his former superior, Nickal McDirk claim the prerogative of telling his new wife her status during the heat of interrogations, Ithan spoke. "I claimed you to wife, Xandra, on the flight back to Abode."

Her reaction wasn't what either man expected. She laughed, weak, spindly, but a laugh. "Bad luck just won't end, but this time, I'm sure yours is worse than mine, husband."

Books-By-Wings ePress
First Novel in Home World Series , First Book of Aginfeld

Golden Wings Award

Betrayed by family and friends, thief Alix Risseu stands condemned on Aginfeld, a plant under the effects of a thousand years of bio-forming, a feudal but technologically advanced society boycotted by civilized planets for hundreds of years. Only two men can save her from execution, and both are her enemies.

Review ~Lysa Demorest, SUITE Magazine
Home will never be the same again, at least for Alix Risseu who is used to having free reign on Celeste Station where she runs a very profitable music company. Alix finds herself abducted on her walk home by the Enforcers of the blacklisted colony planet Aginfeld to find out that's she wanted for theft and tarnishing Aginfeld pride over their history. The only problem is she didn't do it, but wasn't about to admit that if it gets her credit for proving Aginfeld weaker in system security than they claim.

Nikal "Bull" McDirk, Commander of the Aginfeld Enforcers, is smarting from one too many blows. Not only is he publicly censured for the theft of one of the habitats' seals, but his personal enemies are lining up. With having to track down known thief, Alix, he finds another notch is one of his top enemies Zach Rosly. In one swift movement, he plans on righting some of what went wrong by saving Alix from her punishment of execution by claiming her as wife. Not only does that stop his Lord's plans to marry Nikal to someone, but it stops Zach from wedding Alix and making her pay for humiliation when they went to school together back on Earth.

Simple revenge takes a whole new turn when the balance in Aginfeld is unstable. With a new vote coming up to rejoin the Colonial Pact that ruined them before or to join Earth National, things start taking a turn for the worse for Nikal and Alix. Betrayal runs through the Lords of other habitats, the Colonial Pact, and even some of Nikal's most trusted Enforcers.

An unexpected turn frees Aginfeld from it's past barbarian-like ways as Alix and her twin sisters come to the planet and start to reshape their views. Now fertile woman are working, Earth National is helping to bring more trade to the colony, and Alix proves that despite most of the population being sterile, life can thrive on the once blacklisted colony. Rhobin takes you on a very enjoyable space trip all over the galaxy in her novel HOME WORLD: AGINFELD. With trips between space stations and planets, you'll find yourself mixed in with the politics and life that make up Rhobin's universe. Being a science fiction fan, I can say this is another twist to what space living can be and won't be found anywhere else.

2012 EPIC eBook Award Finalist
From MuseItUp Publishing, February 2011
Editor's Spring Pick, 2011
Renna has one chance for survival-earning a berth on an intra-planet cargo ship crewed by norms. She can never join another crewkin, those crews who man the long haul ships of space. Crewkin form closed societies, fashioned at birth, meant to live only with each other until death. Renna's crewkin are dead; and she failed in her duty to commit suicide and join them. If she fails aboard a norm ship this time, she may never crew again, and might just as well have died. Crewkin, however, differ from norms, which makes fitting-in near impossible. More importantly, what killed her first ship and crew, travels with her.
Night Owl ReviewsThis is a highly original story with a likable, if misfit, cast of characters. The story follows the adventures of Renna, a long-haul spacer, who was actually bred and nurtured (if you want to call it that) to be a part of an efficient team of enhanced humans, called Crewkin. Often referred to as Podders, a slang term of disparagement, by others in the space industry, Crewkin are bred and owned by Markham Corporation – an enormous and highly shady operation. I thought the descriptions of this future society were just brilliant — strange, sweeping in scope, and yet, still, utterly believable. The author deftly, and seemingly without effort, created personalities and situations that were so unique but that still easily captured my imagination and held it in thrall. This is a wonderfully powerful novel that is populated with odd-ball characters I came to care deeply for, as they traveled through space, facing uncertainty and adversity. A journey during which each of them faced some ugly truths that could have easily destroyed them all but which, instead, forged them into a solid, formidable unit. 
Science Fiction fans rejoice, for this novel is a solid masterpiece, sure to fire up your imagination and send it hurtling through space on a wondrous ride. Outstanding, Science Fiction as it is meant to be!  Read Full Review
Laurie-J, Reviewer for Night Owl Reviews

Cover Rogue's Rules
Rogue's Rules
Books-By-Wings ePress
2005 Dream Realm Award Finalist
First novel in Black Angel Series Traitor… mutineer… deserter…slanderous words fixed to Ensign Jezlynn Chambers’ name. Unable to refute the charges, the six individuals inhabiting her body remember nothing about the battle that ended her career, destroyed her ship… and shattered the Ensign’s mind.

Fallen Angel Reviews: In Rhobin Courtright's Rogue's Rules, Jezlynn Chambers' mind was shattered years ago on the Constant. She no longer remembers that ship or who she was. Now she is one body with six individuals inhabiting it together. Jesse handles people, Alyss strategy, Jet the physical, and Nael engineering, while her scars and emotions are carried by May and Lynn. Jesse must be careful that no one realizes that six people share her body because they might think she needs help.

Thomas Langston served on the Constant with Jezlynn. He remembers what happen, and when Jesse finds him in the slave market, he offers her a purpose and focus. He vows to help her with her vengeance on the Corps and the Dachs family for their betrayal and cover-up of that tragic expedition. However, will revenge annihilate what is left of Jesse's ethics or will she develop her own "rules" that allow her to face herself again?

Rogue's Rules is a riveting, evocative, suspenseful tale of treachery, loathing, acceptance, and understanding. The characters are relevant, poignant, and endearing. I cried and rejoiced with Jesse as she found her way back, all six of her. Even the side characters drew me. Tom's willingness to help Jesse out while battling his own demons made him my hero.

Rhobin Courtright deftly weaves a tale of torture, abandonment, loyalty, and faithfulness. The Corps may have abandoned the missing crewmen of the Constant, but Jesse and Tom have not. Throughout Rogue's Rules, the issues of corruption, sexual misconduct, betrayal, and mismanagement within the military is discussed without losing the compelling, intense storyline of Jesse and Tom's struggle with themselves and their need for retribution. I could not put Rogue's Rules down and eagerly await its sequel in December. Rhobin Courtright amazing story telling ability leaves me in awe.
Reviewed by: Dena

Cover "Loser's Game"
Loser's Game
Books-By-Wings ePress
Second novel in Black Angel Series
Her reputation is hers and hers alone. For years Jezlynn Chambers has plied the pirate’s trade, her conduct finally matching her despicable reputation. It’s one thing to deserve condemnation, and another to let the Merchants Guild on Çiro hide their crimes behind her name.


Books-By-Wings ePress 2008
Eppie Finalist, 2007
2007 Dream Realm Award finalist, 2007 Dream Realm Award Cover finalist
Third novel in Black Angel Series
A Major in the Space Service Corps. In an unexpected reversal of fate, Jezlynn Chambers finds herself serving on a Space Service Corps Ship. It’s one thing to think you can accomplish a goal and another to achieve it.