Black Angel Series

Rogue's Rules

Wings ePress
2005 Dream Realm Award Finalist
The first novel in Black Angel Series

Traitor… mutineer… deserter…slanderous words fixed to Ensign Jezlynn Chambers’ name. Unable to refute the charges, the six individuals inhabiting her body remember nothing about the battle that ended her career, destroyed her ship… and shattered the Ensign’s mind.

From Fallen Angel Reviews: In Rhobin Courtright's Rogue's Rules, Jezlynn Chambers' mind was shattered years ago on the Constant. She no longer remembers that ship or who she was. Now she is one body with six individuals inhabiting it together. Jesse handles people, Alyss strategy, Jet the physical, and Nael engineering, while her scars and emotions are carried by May and Lynn. Jesse must be careful that no one realizes that six people share her body because they might think she needs help.

Thomas Langston served on the Constant with Jezlynn. He remembers what happened, and when Jesse finds him in the slave market, he offers her a purpose and focus. He vows to help her with her vengeance on the Corps and the Dachs family for their betrayal and cover-up of that tragic expedition. However, will revenge annihilate what is left of Jesse's ethics or will she develop her own "rules" that allow her to face herself again?

Rogue's Rules is a riveting, evocative, suspenseful tale of treachery, loathing, acceptance, and understanding. The characters are relevant, poignant, and endearing. I cried and rejoiced with Jesse as she found her way back, all six of her. Even the side characters drew me. Tom's willingness to help Jesse out while battling his own demons made him my hero.

Rhobin Courtright deftly weaves a tale of torture, abandonment, loyalty, and faithfulness. The Corps may have abandoned the missing crewmen of the Constant, but Jesse and Tom have not. Throughout Rogue's Rules, the issues of corruption, sexual misconduct, betrayal, and mismanagement within the military is discussed without losing the compelling, intense storyline of Jesse and Tom's struggle with themselves and their need for retribution. I could not put Rogue's Rules down and eagerly await its sequel in December. Rhobin Courtright amazing storytelling ability leaves me in awe.

Reviewed by: Dena

An Excerpt of Rogue's Rules:

“This target differs from the ships you’ve hit before,” Chambers told her team. The quarterdeck’s plasmetal grid floor clanged as the team shifted positions. She raised her voice and continued over the noise. The sound muffling coating had worn-away long ago on the Migrant Sun, and like most nonessentials on Tricome’s ship, remained in disrepair.

She looked over her team, disliking what she saw—fringe outcasts and criminals. Those signing onto a ship like this were necessarily society’s detritus. Tricome hired anyone he found capable of a particular job. With her engine design background, she knew her options were more open. She could have a legal berth despite her reputation, had filled six of them since her discharge from the Ranger Forces. None satisfied her.

On this ship, she needed, and honed, her talents for self-preservation. The crew remained suspicious of her authority. Her eyes picked one crewman, Cor, out of the group gathered around her. She felt her face stiffen. He had worked a week in bruised discomfort when he didn’t accept an order, but her aggression had, at least, taught the other's obedience. Now they cringed whenever she unleashed her temper.

There was plenty to criticize onboard this ship. Tricome owned the Migrant Sun and based his command on his own desires, not the ship’s needs. The crew’s restless movement at her prolonged silence drew her attention.

“Besides standard laser defenses, this drone is equipped with the latest in grid defenses. It’s a lethal combination. The devices are not easy to spot, but watch for this.”

As she spoke, she punched up a holo display of the ship’s design and a close-up of how the devices appeared, followed by a simulation of a man triggering one. The deck lit with blinding bright light when the simulation device triggered. Its bolt beam fried the intruder’s image. Startled, those nearest the demonstration threw arms across their faces and stepped back.
“Watch for them,” she said.

Silence engulfed the quarterdeck. Continuing with the visual, she showed the target. “This is the passageway we take. We take these cargo containers, and only these. I will access the ship’s computer and disarm this hold and the defenses along the passageway to it.” The display highlighted the route in fluorescent blue. “I am not turning on the environment, so you’ll need to stay suited in xvee. Done properly, no one will know we hit the drone until she docks. Any questions?”

“Won’t tampering with the defense start ship lock-down?”

The crew stirred at their crewmate’s question. She knew interfering with a ship’s systems was an unfamiliar tactic for them. Obtaining ship codes was a tricky business and differed from Tricome’s method of finding a small cargo hauler, usually a family concern, in the dock and tracking it through the Fringe until he could strike. Mostly, he had the crew seize the prize before the cargo even entered a ship. Chambers caught her contemptuous answer in mid-sneer and controlled her expression.

“Not necessarily. A design routine allows sectional disarmament for repairs and emergencies, but too many deviations from the program will trigger the defenses.”

“Why just this cargo?”

“We are taking the most valuable and resalable cargo. Our goal is to get in as fast as possible and be gone with the best before any system disruption turns on surveillance.”

A few more questions arose, but most of the party seemed satisfied. “That’s it, let’s move.”
Sanker Tricome, huge and bizarre as a genetic experiment gone wrong, watched his crew file into the shuttle while he stroked his great orange-tiger cat. He brushed his identical orange facial hair into smooth alignment, then placed his hand on Chambers’ arm, detaining her. At her subtle withdrawal, he returned to stroking his cat.

“A marvelous plan, dear Jezlynn,” Tricome said in his high tenor purr. “An easy job, hey? Even for those not Ranger trained.”

She shrugged, said nothing. Her glance moved from Tricome to Merit, the other new crewman. The short woman, closer to teen than adult, with a nearly shaven head, flinched as Chambers’ eyes measure her where she stood with the raid team. Lowering her eyes, the woman scooted into the shuttle. A minute later, Chambers ducked to ease through the hatch, indicating as she passed for the crewman to close and lock it.

Loser's Game

Wings ePress
The second novel in Black Angel Series

Her reputation is hers and hers alone. For years Jezlynn Chambers has plied the pirate’s trade, her conduct finally matching her despicable reputation. It’s one thing to deserve condemnation and another to let the Merchants Guild on Çiro hide their crimes behind her name.

An Excerpt from Loser's Game:

As he neared, she inspected his face. “No rest for the wicked, Krayne.”

"You don’t look like you slept well yourself,” he said.

A husky chuckle followed his sally. “Thought you’d come here when you finished talking with those space wheels at the Guild,” she said in a voice tinged with mirth.

“Clancy knows nothing. So I thought I’d head you off. Dress whites?” She reached out and gently tugged the white fabric of his sleeve. “You out to attract trouble?” She grinned at him as she looked past his shoulder. “See you succeeded. Keep moving. You should be more careful of the company you keep.”

“Does that include yourself?”

“Definitely.” Another deep chuckle followed her words.

“I thought they might be with you.”

An inelegant snort met his remark. “I seldom resort to violence. Leaves bad feelings. Surprise, reason, or stealth work much better.”

“I met with Port Authority police this morning,” he said. “Impressive uniforms kindle respect. Rather brave of you to meet me like this.” He slipped a hand under her elbow, but she pulled her arm away.

“Nah. I’d be eluding a detainment warrant if you had any proof. The same could be said of you.” She picked up the pace slightly.

Krayne also heard the steps behind them. “So it could. For curiosity’s sake, do you mind telling me why three freighters in one night?”

Devil's Due

Wings ePress 2008
Eppie Finalist, 2007
2007 Dream Realm Award finalist, 

2007 Dream Realm Award Cover finalist
The third novel in Black Angel Series

A Major in the Space Service Corps. In an unexpected reversal of fate, Jezlynn Chambers finds herself serving on a Space Service Corps Ship. It’s one thing to think you can accomplish a goal and another to achieve it.

An Excerpt from Devil's Due:

Liz watched the last ensign depart and waited while silence reigned too long. Officer Yen nudged Murray, who remained unresponsive, glaring at Chambers. Chambers remained indifferent, seemingly oblivious to the tension surrounding her. She stepped to Yen and removed the remaining key from his slack fingers. “I believe this is mine.” Touching the pad on the corner of the small oblong wafer, she read the printout. “Major J. A. Chambers, yes, I see it is,” she confirmed with easy confidence.

Her voice surprised Liz--a soft contralto untouched by emotion.

Ignoring Yen’s astonished look, she gave him a charming smile. “Officer Yen, Murray.” Chambers nodded at each. “Officers,” Chambers turned and nodded to Liz and those near her. Then she headed for the dock’s oversized hatchway, skipping introductory civilities.

She halted as she drew near a waiting maintenance officer. “Lieutenant, this shuttle’s starboard lateral thruster pack is out of balance. One of the parallel pipes is not firing, it sounds like a damaged vent.”

The surprised officer nodded mutely. Liz grinned at his surprise.

The Embassy posted Ranger guard snapped to attention as Chambers approached the hatch, obviously aware of the insult given the Rangers through Chambers. Liz’s lips twisted in a wry smile, anticipating the stories that would travel the ship.

“Corporal, you put me in a quandary.” Unmistakable drollery threaded Chambers's voice. “Do I follow elite acknowledgment or Ranger protocol?”

Liz held her breath and glanced at Ella at the ‘elite’ disparagement inherent in Chambers’ words. The guard remained at attention. Chambers suddenly snapped a crisp Ranger salute. “Do not salute me out of Ranger uniform again, Corporal.” Her command tones reverberated around the deck as she left the bay. An unrepentant smugness remained on the Ranger’s face.

Angels Tread

Wings ePress July 2020 
The fourth novel in Black Angel Series

A mission must be completed no matter what trouble arises in carrying it out.

The president of the United Planets Alliance ordered Major Jezlynn Chambers to negotiate a treaty with the Alliance's former enemy,  the Khajari. She expects the mission will cause turmoil, not only for her, but also for her husband, Captain Lucian Krayne, and for his ship, the Sentinel.

Enemies will work to thwart the mission  While she embraces a treaty to bring peace to a  chaotic galaxy,  unexpected events will transform her world.