Friday, March 21, 2008

Hoist in Your Own Petard

"For tis the sport to have the enginer Hoist with his owne petar"

It’s odd how Shakespeare’s quote from Hamlet is so apt to the Michigan and Florida primary debacle. The meaning loosely translates to harm yourself by means you planned to harm others. Certainly when the DNC told Michigan and Florida to ‘Hoist in their own petard,’ it is only just now that the DNC does.

As a GDI I don’t know all the ins and outs of primaries and how they work. I didn’t design the process; I only vote. Although I didn’t this year because I was mad that my candidate wasn’t on the ballot and that my vote wasn’t going to count. In Michigan, you declare which party you want to declare before you are given the ballet. So some independents and Republicans declared they were Republicans to vote for the Republican candidates. Other independents and Democrats declared they were Democrats to vote for the Democratic candidates. The voters’ only choice was Hillary Clinton or an undetermined candidate for their selection.

That Ms. Clinton kept her name on while other candidates pulled theirs seemed strange. I happen to like Hilary, think she might do an okay job, but have reservations about who is playing what role in her bid for the presidency and how that would work out if she were elected.

Because the parties in Michigan moved the primary forward to January, the DNC told their candidates to not have their names placed on the ballot and to not campaign in Michigan. The same happened in Florida, where the primary was also moved up. So Michigan and Florida’s delegates won’t be seated. The DNC and the states have been trying to work out a means by which the delegates could be seated, but for me, there is no fair way to seat them. The DNC made its decision not to seat the delegates, and now, though the circumstances are radically different from what they imagined, they need to stand by their decision. There is no FAIR way to redo the vote.

If only the members of the Democratic Party are allowed to vote, all independents are disenfranchised. If Republicans who voted for their candidate are allowed to enter a vote they could use undue influence to swing the vote against the one most dangerous to McCain’s election. Nope. The rules were made. We should all live by them.

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