Saturday, December 18, 2021

My Family in My Writing

This will be kind'a short as our electricity has been out two days and is expected to be out at least another day and this computer or the wi-fi router may quite at any minute.;

Have I ever used one of my siblings as a character? No. They might not like the book or the character (even a heroic one) if they recognized I used them. However, they and everyone I know well affect my writing, probably unconsciously. They are the persons who taught me about human characteristics: personalities, emotions, behaviors, how they react to both good and bad situations. So while none of my characters are based on them, they are the basis for all I know about people. 

Sorry I can't write more, or even put down the participant's list (I will include this as soon as I can get on my own computer) but I did want anyone to think I hadn't forgotten the post. Only circumstances have interfered. I am glad that without electric or heat we don't have snow or very sub-zero temperatures.  I will visit all participant's blogs as soon as electric comes back. 

Here is the list of participants in this month's round robin: