Saturday, November 21, 2015

Doing Kindness

Bill is usually the one to stop when someone's car is on the roadside and it looks like the driver is having a problem. I've heard warnings for women not to stop, as the problem might turn out to be their own, so I'm always wary. Yet, once last year on the way into a school, I saw an older pickup truck on the roadside with a man and a woman outside the truck. There wasn't much traffic, and it was very cold and gray out. I passed them, and having second thoughts, turned around and went back.

The woman recognized me, and I think she said I had been her instructor. Once students are out of my class, I usually forget their names because I have a whole new set to remember, so while she looked familiar, I didn't recognize her. They were out of gas. I offered to drive her to the party store three or four miles up the road and bring her back. At the store, I went in bought a cup of coffee and told the clerk to ring her gas up on my card. I waited in my car for my passenger to return from inside the store. She said someone paid for the gas and guessed that I had. She thanked me while I started the drive back to the truck. She chatted a lot, and I think I remember her saying her husband was on the way to a job interview or was just starting a job, can't remember, but I was glad I stopped.  I know how upsetting running out of gas can be. Dropping her off, I was soon on my way to work. Hopefully, I helped turn the bad start of that couple's day a little brighter, but I realized that the stop had made my day better just knowing I had made a tiny difference in the world.

With what has happened in Paris this past weekend, and all the turmoil over accepting immigrants, I realized in a world filled with hate, bigotry, and distrust, such simple actions as helping strangers can help alleviate fear and restore a sense that not everything is bad, tiny bit by bit.

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