Friday, May 2, 2008

More Authors than Ever

Computers and writing programs have made a drastic change in writing. I would not be an author without a computer. I wrote a few papers on old-fashion typewriters. I know I couldn’t do an entire manuscript that way – retyping an entire page with each edit draft and final proof. I’m not that great at spelling although I’ve improved, and while I’m good at grammar, it’s nice to have prompts remind me when a few words need rearranging. Good typists used to make a living retyping manuscripts. I think I remember the rate at a dollar a page. So as I use my keyboard, I’m very aware that technology changes allowed me to tell my stories, allowed me to become a published author. I’m just as sure the same is true for most authors today, and that, in fact, computers have increased the number of authors in the world. Isn't that great? More authors mean more varied perspectives on plots and the types of stories available.