Saturday, August 21, 2021

Similar Character Habits and Words?

This month's round-robin topic is if the character in different stories share habits or favorite words. I have to say, yes, some of mine do. It probably has to do with how my mind works. 

I've noticed some of my characters have very similar characteristics in they are very independent women who love men who are accepting of that. Three are warrior women, Jezlynn in the Black Angel series, Kissre in Acceptance, and Xandra in The Nanite Warrior, and Maera in Home World Reax. And Kissre and Xandra both have leg wounds that are reinjured during the story. did that happen? I didn't notice it until I reread the books. At least I know the women's personalities are very different overall.

Another thing I've noticed in re-reading my books is that I have a lot of grimace-smiles my characters make. Someone once told me there is no such thing, but I think there is--an upward lift of the lips on one side and downward on the other. Smiles yes, but not entirely happy ones. Plus many of my characters have smug reactions. I wonder if this happens because maybe I have these habits? I do hope not.

Writing fiction isn't easy because the writer must mix fact with their own mental fantasy, so I suppose similar situations and character reactions are inevitable--until the writer notices it.