Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Poor George

We've struggled with our cat George's long-haired coat all winter. The more I plucked and combed, the more matted it became. (I wasn't as regular as I should have been.) He hated it, too. He has lost some teeth along with his desire to groom himself. Since I couldn't stand it any longer I took him to a pet groomer in Scottville, Michigan, called Waggin Tails, and took Andy along, too.

After reading about cutting off mats and how cat skin stretches making it dangerous, I felt rather than buy clippers, it would be easier and safer for a professional to do the boys. They both seemed to have behaved themselves, which they didn't do with me. They even had baths and their ears cleaned. So now they are mat free. With Andy the groomer was able to pull out the mats, so he came home with his fur intact. George, however, had to be shaved.

He was quite embarrassed for a short period, but now he is very happy, even seems to walk around the house wearing a smile. I waited until now so he wouldn't have to wait so long to go outdoors. It will be warm enough for him outside very soon, even without his fur. It must feel great to get those hard mats off his back. I am now using a brush daily to get him used to it. Cats... always something.
George now looking somewhat lion-like.