Monday, November 23, 2009

Sexy Heroes by Phyllis Campbell

I want to give a big thanks to Rhobin for letting me be a guest on her blog!! Love ya, girl!

So, what makes a hero sexy? To me, it's his personality. It's the way he treats the heroine. And of course, he must have a soft side to him. He MUST be yummy inside and out. (grins) I hope I've made all my heroes yummy, and so far my readers tell me I'm doing a good job. Hee hee. That's good to hear!

I have two more books coming out this year, which brings a grand total of NINE books released in 2009. Whew! I feel exhausted. But I'm still pushing to get more published next year.

Tomorrow will be my next release - Queen Of Hearts will be released with Bookstrand Publishing.

Dr. Cecilia Ashby is forced to disguise herself as a man in order to practice medicine in a small Southern town after the Civil War. When she stumbles across an injured gambler in an alley one night, will her ruse get the better of them both? Especially when she finds herself attracted to him.

Gambler James Lawrence has played his last hand and finally has enough cash to buy back his family’s plantation that the carpetbaggers took from him…until he’s blindsided, robbed and left for dead. After an interesting stay with the town doctor, he finds his stolen earnings in the hands of the young thief and his sister, Cecilia Ashby, now residing on his plantation.

James and Cecilia both want the plantation, but do they want a long-lasting love even more? Battling deceit, betrayal, and disguises, the two must confront their biggest challenge yet – themselves.

And in December, my historical - Belong To Me will be released with The Wild Rose Press.

Please check out my website for more of my SEXY heroes!!

Now you tell me...what do YOU think makes a hero sexy?



  1. Nine books in 09? Wow! A year for you to remember. Both books sound so interesting, the trailer makes BELONG TO ME look even more interesting. I'm sure you've made at least one sale. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and please come back!

  2. I have been seeing Queen of Hearts advertised around the loops. It looks like a very good read. Congrats on the new release.

    I love the cover of Belong To Me, really enjoyed watching the trailer. I love historicals, so I know this has to go in my TBR pile.

  3. First off BIG congrats on your upcoming books. Kudos.

    Second, love the covers.

    Third, I love my hero to be rugged and possessive yet possess a soft side to him.

    Enjoyed your guest post.

  4. Congrats on the releases.

    What makes a hero sexy to me is that he is strong enough to be a little soft. He is secure enough to follow the heroine at times and doesn't always have to be the one in the lead always.

    Being big, and gorgeous also adds points.

  5. Thanks ladies!! You are wonderful!


  6. Judy, you are my winner! If you'd like to contact me - you can pick which ebook you'd like for free!


  7. Hi Phyllis,
    9 books in 2009, woman, you are a legend. I thought I was doing well having 9 books published in just over 2 years.

    I like my heroes to be ruthless and tortured but ultimately saved by a worthy heroine.


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