Friday, April 9, 2010

Review of Stone House Farm

Long and Short Reviews Reviewed by Camellia, April 7, 2010

Amanda Blanchard has lost all confidence in her own good judgment. The man she married, who had been so supporting and loving at first, turned out to be a greedy, manipulative user. Not wanting to share her with the child she adopted, he divorced her, taking a big chunk of her inheritance.

Now Wade Preston, her “heart-throb” in high school is back and his development company is threatening to take even more of her inheritance away from her. At least that is the way it seems.

Wade Preston, a well-educated, self-made man, heads up a successful business, but realized he has allowed a partner and his brother too much leeway in running the project at Manistee. They have created serious problems. With business problems to sort out and an ex-fiancĂ© that refuses to accept the “ex” part, Preston sets out to make things right, but ends upshot, unconscious, and covered with snow in Amanda’s orchard.

The events, mystery, and suspense that surround Amanda’s Stone House after she drags the unconscious Wade into her kitchen keep the reader on pins and needles. Her efforts to keep everybody and everything safe during the isolating snowstorm reveals much about Amanda’s true self. The amount of energy she expends is amazing. She is a spunky lady even in the face of some heartbreaking events.

Rhobin L. Courtright creates characters and a setting that pulls the reader into the situation where things look dire for Amanda until her modern knight in shining armor comes to the rescue. Stone House Farm is crammed full of characters to love, to hate, or even to wish for as friends. But, best of all is the love that grows amid all the turmoil. GOOD READING!

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