Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Changing Boxes for the New Year

I've decided to do away with my standard web site, which I've had since '03. Instead, I am in the process of moving my site to this blog, with many changes of course, under a new domain name This is much easier than maintaining a website, plus I will have more time to write posts rather than play with HTML and CSS code. This led me to think about a fresh start with a new domain name that reflects my entire author's name. Situations are always changing, aren't they? It's like crawling out of a box--new views, new ideas, new challenges. The first one? All my followers and all the blogs I was following have disappeared. Hmm; and I bet it's too late to change my mind. Okay, so this is another dark box I'm slowly feeling my way through. I'll find the light and freedom somehow.

Web presence is important for all businesses, and especially for authors who write electronic media. Once a web page was obligatory, but the net has changed very fast. Time is still valuable, and if something can be done more efficiently, why not change? Isn't that how the New Year is supposed to engage us?

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