Sunday, July 17, 2011

15 Days to Publication

I received the edits this morning, but the file wouldn't open. Thank you, Microsoft for making different Word version documents incompatible. That problem has been straightened out and I've gone through twenty pages of the manuscript (out of 126 pages). Going through the version earlier is making this process much easier and faster.

I follow my editor's recommendation closely. They read a manuscript with fresh eyes; however, I never just accept the editor's recommendations without reading the entire manuscript. No one is infallible, and typos are easy to miss. In the end, I am responsible for the content of this story. That's why in this crunch time frame I reread the manuscript ahead of edits so I could find changes I thought needed to be made.

Got to get back to work. I'd like this to be emailed back tomorrow!


  1. Woo Hoo, you go, girl.
    It took me a few times through the gates to realize that I needed to read the manuscripts all the way through not just make corrections when I got them back.

  2. Thanks, Sandra. I'm a slow learner but I eventually figure things out.