Monday, January 6, 2014

A Music and Reading Relationship

 Reading is so important to education, employment, and entertainment.  So I'm always concerned when I hear statistics of children who cannot read at grade level, particularly in depressed and poverty-stricken neighborhoods in our big cities. If you haven't heard of the Harmony Project, follow the link attached to the quote from a PBS Newshour program of March 8, 2014, below. Learning music helps children learn to read. How amazing is that? Josh Aronson did the interview with Margaret Martin who started the program and with Dr. Nina Kraus who studied the remarkable results.

JOSH ARONSON, who conducted an interview with Margaret Martin, said she was convinced that music helps children learn to read because of the graduation rate of kids who have gone through her program. This year, she says, 93 percent of them finished high school in four years and went to college. But Martin acknowledges she does not have the formal training to prove that music helps kids grasp language better and become more proficient readers. So she enlisted the help of this woman. Her name is Dr. Nina Kraus. She is a neurobiologist at Northwestern University and for 25 years she has studied how the brain processes information – the neurobiology of auditory learning."

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