Friday, July 18, 2014

A Fifth Friday Freebit from Change

Thieves attack Tyna's caravan in this fifth Friday Freebit.

~ * ~

Kedriq twisted around at her warning. His movement saved him. Pain seared his arm, the knife meant for his back cutting less fatal meat. It was a bad mistake for his attacker. With the knife from freeing the ox still grasped in his hand, he swung the blade with deadly results.

“Look out!”

The warning came too late. He jerked the knife free as the man he had slain sagged to the ground, but a second assailant grabbed his jacket, holding him while another knife arced toward him. He knew nothing could save him from this second attack.

With a loud clank, a metal cooking pot connected with the assailant’s head. The man sidestepped, stopped mid-assault, his gaze stunned, his weapon dropped. Another smash of the pot rotated his head back in a violent and unnatural twist. Kedriq heard the neck snap, even as the body fell.

He looked at Tyna, who stood, pot in hand, looking in stricken shock at the fallen man.

“I’ve never... he was one of the escorts!” Even as she spoke, hooves warned of the outriders’ return. Kedriq pushed Tyna behind him with his knife-holding hand. His other arm hung useless. Blood flowed down its length and dripped from the tips of his fingers. As if the sight weakened him, he slowly sank to the ground. His last coherent thought was, that as usual, his best effort was useless.


  1. Rhobin. Love the tension in this scene, and your writing, as usual, is superb. Keeps me reeled in and wishing I had much more time to read. I'm working on two WIPS...or procrastinating is a better word. Need to get both finished. Keep those six coming.

  2. Another great six, and a story I can't wait to read. Ah yes, if only we had many more hours in a day.

  3. Wow Rhobin,
    That was edge of the seat stuff.