Tuesday, March 17, 2015

All Things Zero

ZERO, Oh, Nought, Naught, Nil, Null
Hindu-Arabic: 0
Ordinate: 0th, Zeroth
Neither positive or negative number
n + or - 0 = n; n x 0 = 0

Words of Zero
  • Nothing, nothingness, none, prefix un as in unseen, unobservable, extinction, empty, empty set, naught, nonexistent, nothing, nul, oblivion, void, zilch, zip
Counting wouldn't get far without this empty placeholder, so here's to zero.

Sciences, math, and technology:
  • Nullus or nulla, meaning nothing
  • Only 0 and 1 are used in the binary system
  • Rules of Brahmagupta, earliest known use of zero in mathematics, 628 B.C.

  • The goose egg
  • the Lemniscate symbol represents infinity in mathematics and eternity in occult studies (an eight on laying on its side)
  • image of Uroboros swallowing his tail shown. The classical Greek alchemist’s representation of Uroboros, the World Snake
Color: Color comes from the refection of white light. The absence of light is total blackness, representing nothingness. Black indicates no light. White in paint is the absence of pigment or color although there are mineral pigments used to create the white; thus, white also represents nothingness.

Zero’s prophetic references:
  • Naught represents the void or the emptiness before creation. Zero can mean invisibility or death as unobservant or gone, so becomes those who are nonentities, anonymous, nobodies.
  • Zero is akin to a self-emptying process, particularly of the ego. Therefore, it represents those who are unaware, in-cognizant, or oblivious.
  • In relation to one’s coming into existence, it represents non-existence or oblivion.
  • Zero as shown by the circle of pre-conscious totality, the Ouroboros Serpent with its tail in its mouth forming a circle around the collection of existence and non-existence. Isn't it interesting that most clocks and compasses were circular in shape, showing they included all of known existence? The Ouroboros perpetually lives off itself, like the universe. Ouroboros also represents a closed system and more recently, the human psyche.
Negative connotations:
Everyone who has ever been called a zero, meaning a nothing, knows the bad side of zero. However, it can also be anyone who deceives himself (herself), remaining oblivious to his (her) own life or the lives of others.

Tarot Divination: The Fool's card upright represents a dreamer or a mystic who wants to accomplish great goals, someone who must be careful to make the right choices. It can also represent any start, but particularly of a journey. To be successful the Fool must plan, make good choices, and be prepared for the unexpected. It also means one chooses the path he takes, either good or evil. Perhaps thinking about a life's philosophy would be a good start. When the card is reversed in the divination layout it can mean a poor choice has been made, that the querier has been foolish or thoughtless.

Common usage, slang, metaphors, phrases:
  • absolute zero
  • goose egg
  • ground zero
  • na dah
  • nul op
  • sub zero
  • zero down
  • zero g's, zero gravity
  • zero hour
  • zero in – targeted
  • zero tolerance
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Dartmouth, Number Symbolism in the Middle Ages site offers much info on Christianity and numbers.

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