Saturday, May 16, 2015

All Things Eleven

Eleven As a Symbol
Cardinal: ELEVEN
Hindu-Arabic: 11
Ordinate: Eleventh
Roman: XI
basic math: 1 + 10, no divisors Roman words of eleven: undecim,undecimus
Greek words of eleven: endecea
The Anglo-Saxon word for eleven: 'Endleofen', or one leftover after 10 fingers
Time and holiday references:
  • November
  • eleventh month
  • 11:00
Science, Technology References:
  • Sodium (Na)
  • the Eleven-year cycle of the sun
Games, sports references:

  • Football team, only 11 men on the field during play
  • Jack (cards)
Prophetic references:

  • Eleven is the number of revelation
  • transcendental enlightenment and martyrdom
  • It represents the combination of God (1) plus the World (10)
Astrological Association: House of Aquarius
Tarot divination: justice: justice will be done; balance is required, well-balanced mind.

Common Usage, slang references:
  • eleventh hour
  • elevenses (mid-morning snack)


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