Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Queen Of Dragons -- Shanna Abe

This is from 2008, but I really enjoyed it so thought to post it here. This is the third book in this series, but the whole series is wonderful.

Perfect 10
ISBN: 978-0-443-80528-4
January 2008
Fantasy Romance
England – 1782

Princess Maricara of Transylvania and her younger brother inherited the leadership of the drákon at the castle of Zaharen Yce in the Carpathian Alps after the thief, Zane, and Amalia Langford of the Darkfirth drákon killed Maricara’s horrible, power-grasping husband. Maricara was eleven at the time. Now, ten years later, she knows she must go to the drákon of Darkfirth in York and warn them that the Sanf inimicus, also known as Others, the mostly human hunters of drákon, know about them. The Others both hate and fear the fabled drákon, creatures who appear human, but can change to smoke and dragon. Worse, they know how to trap Drákon s and make them helpless.

Since the Drákon Council in Darkfirth learned about Maricara ten years ago, they have attempted to arrange a visit and, without her consent, engaged her to their own Alpha Lord, Kimber Langford, Earl of Chasen. Maricara is the only known woman capable of changing to dragon other than Kimber’s mother and three sisters. As an alpha in her own right, Maricara realizes the council’s aim. Having been married before, she is not inclined to repeat a past mistake, either by choice or by force. And she is able to out fly and outwit the best of the drákon.

Kimber will try his hardest to seduce the woman he knows to be his true mate and hopes his dragon side doesn’t force the issue. In the meantime, he has to protect the drákon of Darkfirth without the humans of England learning there are dragons. He must also convince the Council they cannot imprison Maricara to keep her captive.

QUEEN OF DRAGONS is a gorgeous story. The words flow in near lyrical prose. The drákon are beautiful physically but each one’s personality seems to match their exterior, and the dangerous edge of their dragon side only adds to the appeal. When drákon turn to smoke they are not easily seen, but when they become dragons, they turn into daunting, iridescent and colorful creatures that inhabit the night sky. The eighteenth century is such an unusually period for a fantasy, but the wigs, powder, silk embroidered waistcoats and panniers add to the mysterious and delightful setting of this series. The Darkfirth Council and the Sanf inimicus create enough conflict and danger for Maricara and Kimber to create a page turning thriller. All of these create a book that is a Perfect 10. Be sure to read the previous two books, THE SMOKE THIEF and THE DREAM THIEF.

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