Monday, April 25, 2016

New Book: Dragoon's Journey

Update: I got the dates wrong! Information now correct:
Wings Publishing will release Dragoon's Journey for June pre-order for $2.99, with publishing scheduled for July. This story ends the story started in Home World ~ Aginfeld and continued in The Nanite Warrior. 

 Opening Line:
Fugitives do not readily enter any heavily policed community, especially ones with populations rabidly paranoid of strangers. Somewhere like the planet Aginfeld. Even if the planet currently held a magnetic draw to galactic tourists, the residents’ mistrust ran deep.

Dragoons, super-soldiers, won the battles but lost the war. Betrayed by their government and held in cryogenic storage for use in future wars, they seek their best-worst chance for finding a home -- Aginfeld, a planet in the last stages of bioformation. The Colonial Pact, a corporation even established governments' fear, wants it. To claim their home the Dragoons must tame the most dangerous, traitorous habitat on Aginfeld.

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