Friday, July 1, 2016

Rogue's Rules eBook Free this July!

You can download a free ebook copy of Rogue's Rules in mobi, pdf, or epub formats from SmashWords this month only. Rogue's Rules is a scifi space opera and first of the Black Angel series.

"Traitor… mutineer… deserter… slanderous words fixed to Ensign Jezlynn Chambers’ name. Unable to refute the charges, the six individuals inhabiting her body remember nothing about the battle that ended her career, destroyed her ship… and shattered the Ensign’s mind."

Click on this link to Rogue's Rules

Click on Buy and enter code SFREE and download your copy.


  1. Hi, do you plan to write another book in this universe? I liked the three books and I would happily devour a lot more :)


  2. I have been thinking of doing an Angel's Tread volume to continue Jezlynn's adventures as an ambassadress. Thank you for the comment!