Saturday, November 12, 2016

Nearest Thing to Heaven -- Lynnette Austin

Maverick Junction, Book 2
Forever Yours
ISBN: 978-1-4555-2838-7
January 2017
Contemporary Romance Review for Romance Reviews Today

Maverick Junction, Texas – The Present

Sophie London lives in Chicago near Wrigley Stadium, a city she loves as much as their baseball team, the Cubs. She has been daydreaming and needs to hurry to get to O’Hare airport to travel to Texas and her wealthy cousin’s wedding to a cowboy. Everyone thinks she is an heiress like Annelise, but she isn’t, the wealth is all on her cousin’s side of the family. She works hard designing greeting cards to keep her apartment. She is glad to leave, even temporarily, the city’s current bad November weather and the specter of Nathan, who keeps plaguing her with calls even after she politely told him she wasn’t interested. On her one previous visit to the town filled with handsome Texan cowboys, she remembers one cowboy, a widower, one of whose triplet sons spilled a cherry soda on her white silk dress. Of course, the handsome Ty Rawlins will attend the wedding.

Ty Rawlins lost his wife four years ago shortly after their triplet sons were born premature. He and Julia had been best friends since first grade. Since losing her, taking care of their boys and his ranch has kept him busy and his grief at bay. Yet his friend Cash’s fiancĂ©e’s cousin, Sophie, stirs him up in a way he didn’t think possible. She looks like the fairy Tinkerbell, and he calls her ‘Tink.’ Yet his boys are probably more than any woman wants, and he has to put them first.

NEAREST THING TO HEAVEN is a re-release of a book published in 2013 and part of a three-book series. Sophie believes in fairies and magic, and charm certainly fills the story making it enthralling. Ty and Sophie have many obstacles to overcome besides love of rival baseball teams. Memories of Julia still haunt Ty. Mischance frequently sabotages his come-on to Sophie. Sophie refuses to believe Nathan is stalking her, but is very uneasy about her situation. She finds Maverick Junction an alien place after the big city, but the stars at night are spellbinding. And once she gets to know the triplets, she discovers how much she will miss them…and Ty. The attraction they both feel is more than physical, but both know it is only temporary…and they do separate.

This is a story of attraction, an unlikely romance, and new beginnings, but includes the power of family and community. Wonderful characters inhabit Maverick Junction, so if you haven’t read this before, read it now; if you have, re-read it! Then read the first book in the series, SOMEBODY LIKE YOU, and the third, CAN’T STOP LOVIN’ YOU.

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