Monday, January 2, 2017

Color of the Day Jan 1

For Christmas, I received a calendar with each day covered in a different Pantone color. If you are unfamiliar with Pantone, they have broken every color, shade, intensity down into a code of the colors in making it: cyan, magenta, yellow, and key or black. Originally used in printing colors, Pantone now has matching colors and fashion colors. 

So yesterday, January 1, the calendar color looked like this:

The color will change from machine to device showing it, but it is an intense red, more on the orange side of the spectrum. However, at first, I wondered about the calendar maker choosing this particular color. Then it came to me. If I had been out drinking New Year's Eve, I might well have woke up seeing this color or having others seeing it in my bloodshot eyes. 

Curious, I looked the color up at Pantone: C0 M87 Y62 K0. I wanted to change it to an RBG color model for this post. It didn't exist on the Pantone page, but I noticed Pantone even has a color of the year. The color for 2017 is 'greenery.'  Today, January 2, on my calendar is olive green and it's code colors don't match anything on the Pantone chart either. However, the color does somehow seem appropriate for a Monday after the first day of the year.

Getting back to yesterday's red swatch. While I did have two glasses of champagne, one with our lobster dinner (the cooked lobsters also being close to this color) and one later, I found the day's color had a lined note area on the back and suddenly it was the exact color I was feeling but not in the hung-over state of the color.

It was exactly how I felt: angry, fearful, upset, and worried—with the state of the world, with last year's lengthy and ugly election buildup and the results, with the failure of the majority of the human population to grasp how we are destroying the Earth, our only home, and most of it due to overpopulation and greed, which is seldom mentioned in any media we listen to or read, with the number of people living in abject poverty, and with the human propensity to be cruel to animals. And yes, while I enjoyed the lobster, I also felt guilty overeating it.

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