Monday, March 25, 2019

Daisies and Devotion -- Josi S. Kilpack

Proper Romance, a Mayfield Family Regency – Book 2
Shadow Mountain Publishing
ISBN: 978-1629725529
May 2019
Historical Romance

London, 1822

Timothy Mayfield needs to marry a wealthy wife. His uncle Elliot Mayfield, the fifth Viscount Howardsford, currently provides Timothy an allowance. Timothy’s father married a maid from his household and then died leaving his wife and children near destitute. Timothy is a very polite and honest man, full of energy, very talkative, fun and often silly, but responsible. He finds Miss Maryann Werrington a woman he is interested in marrying. He tells her so and also tells her he would never marry a woman just for her money. He wants to have an emotional connection with anyone he marries. His intent changes when his Uncle Elliot tells him if he marries a woman he approves, he will give Timothy a London house and property that will provide enough profit to sustain the household. Suddenly Timothy feels free. He explains this to Maryann, who has become a good friend, and shows her the list he compiled of characteristics for the perfect wife for him. Maryann just doesn’t fit it.

Maryann is twenty-two, rather old for a debutante, but she has spent the last few years taking care of her mother until she died. Now she is just out of mourning and her older, married sister is acting as her chaperone in London. She thinks herself rather plain and knows most potential suitors are only interested in her inheritance, not in her; except Timothy. She enjoyed his company. He entertained her and his honesty impressed her. Now, just when she realizes she is in love with him, his circumstances have changed. He wants to remain good friends and shows her his list of characteristics for his perfect wife. She thinks it a silly effort. Timothy is deluding himself, for no woman can fulfill all the items on his list. He is also blind to Maryann’s desire. She agrees reluctantly to introduce him to some likely debutants. He will introduce some suitors to her. Soon they are both considering other suitable mates, but just when they both think they’ve found someone, things go askew.

Both Timothy and Maryann suffer from self-doubt, and both face difficulties discovering the person who will fulfill their deepest desires for a mate. The story has an interesting start, and the puzzle of Timothy and Maryann’s relationship builds to become more intricate, emotional, and anxious as the story continues. The situations are appropriate for the era, but also show that people, no matter the time, are people: very complex individuals who have their own aspirations and problems. Characters from the first volume, PROMISES AND PRIMROSES, appear in this story, and other new characters play important roles. Information related in the first volume does not impinge on a reader’s understanding of this entertaining story.

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