Saturday, January 23, 2021

Goals for 2021

Here we are in a new year, and, hopefully, one better than last year although the problems of last year continue to plague us. Still, everyone has to be hopeful to be vaccinated against Covid this year, and the United States has a new president, and perhaps the divisions dividing us will grow smaller or close (ideal, but doubtful). Many qualifiers line the previous sentences, but nothing in future time is guaranteed. As an introvert, being home so long this year hasn't bothered me, and I do go out and walk as often as the weather allows her in Michigan, which is supposed to help with isolation. Winter snows so far have not been as accumulative this year. I suspect Global Warming at work. Sadly for me, last year I didn't move ahead with any novel writing.

Things are, as always, changing, including writing. New programs like Grammarly have arrived. First off, I use Grammarly and find it very helpful, but like everything, its recommendations are not always correct. Users have to be careful that they decide whether the suggestion will work in their writing or not. It just presents options to consider. I must say, it does help me with spelling and finding comma errors. Even so, I have to be selective there, too.

Do I have goals for this year? Yes, the main one being able to concentrate on my writing. I've been rather scattered with many projects going on that have affected my writing. Plus my mind has stalled. I have ideas written down for quite a few books, I just need to find new and different characters and find out what difficulties they face.  Leonard from Constantine's Legacy is beginning to haunt my mind, telling me I need to work on the second volume. I also have a goal to post at least twice a month to my three blogs. Like writing novels, that is sometimes a difficult goal to achieve. 

Besides writing, I have many other projects in art and sewing I want to complete. Then there is the house. It needs painting and some renovations. As long as life goes on, work is at hand.

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  1. Yeah, concentrating on writing has been more of a challenge than usual this year. So much going on and yet nothing going on. It’s been a conundrum, and one I have no desire to repeat. Here’s to good energy that allows you to focus on your writing and have your muse talking to you again.


  2. I agree with you on Grammarly. As I write Regency romance it means that sometimes sentences are a bit long or dialogue somewhat stilted. I always read the Grammarly comment and go from there. The one thing I really like is that it always picks me up on passive writing! Thanks for a great kick-off 2021 topic.

  3. Sounds like all of us have been impacted by the cloud of Covid and political division overshadowing our world and undermining our creativity. Like you I have hopes, but little faith that our world will find much in the way of peace or unity but I do pray the advent of a vaccine will remove at least one of the barriers we faced last year.

    I've heard a lot about Grammerly and have considered trying it. Thanks for the tip.

  4. I love it when characters "talk" to me, demanding I write their stories. It's many times been the kick in the butt I needed, to get a story done.

    Yes, having lots of projects around keeps us motivated to get them done. And since life is in the journey, not the destination, the more things you accomplish, the more fun you will have. Good luck on getting things done!

    And as always, interesting prompt for this month, led to many interesting "takes" on it. Thanks!

  5. Good luck with finding focus this year and a new and interesting book and character.

  6. Brain fog is the pits. I see most of the Robins have been experiencing it, or something similar. Keep safe, Anne

  7. Sewing sounds like a great way to keep your hands busy and let your mind roam. I did needlepoint for a few months because writing eluded me. Now I'm writing and the needlepoint projects are awaiting completion! Balance will be a real thing one day!

  8. Creative endeavors are always motivating and seem to trigger the writing flow. I have White Smoke and Autocrit but may try Grammarly since it appears less labor intensive. Thanks for the info Rhobin.

  9. It's been difficult for many of us to write in 2020. I've been more productive since the vaccine became available. Strange, no? Good that you have projects to switch between. I do, too, but most of them have been neglected. I am going to explore Grammerly. Hope I like it. Thanks for the tip.