Saturday, September 18, 2021

What Do I Like to Write?

This month's round-robin is on what other genres, besides novels, do I like to write.  Well, storytelling is what novels are about, and I like to write in the genres of science-fiction, fantasy, historical, and romance. While my stories can have a question or mystery involved, I don't think I would be good at writing a mystery novel. I do like to read them, though. In the fiction arena, I also have tried short stories and some flash fiction which tends to cover that ah-ha moment.

Yet reality calls to me, too. I like writing personal essays which also give me the chance to be creative, although in non-fiction, truth, as it is known, should prevail. Everyone has events in their lives or the lives of close ones that need to be shared. These can range from tragic events that can help others in similar situations cope with their problem, to family stories such as "The Pin" which I wrote about and investigated, or another post "Who Was Edna Ruth?" about my grandmother. Other stories can involve family memories which can seem like fantasy stories to readers but might also help bring back memories of their own past. These can also give warnings or cures to upcoming generations about problems they might face. These can be personal, family, or community events. Currently, the media has recalled many 9/11 memories of those personally involved. Personal narratives not only help others cope but also help keep a record of history.

I also like to write informative articles which range from book reviews to 'how-to' articles, which most of these round-robin articles fall into. Writing letters use to fall into this category, but few people now send letters as they prefer to make calls, texts, or emails, that are faster, easier, and more personable. However, the information is lost once the call is finished. It is from my father's letters that I learned what it was like to be a soldier in WWII, and letters throughout history have given readers new insight into that time. This type of communication includes diaries.

I don't know how many people write in diaries today but I have periodically written my life's events since the early 1980s. Now I can go back and read about many things that happened that I have forgotten.

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  1. Diaries and journals such a calming daily habit...unfortunately, it's a habit I can't seem to cultivate. How wonderful that you have letters from your father to give you 1st person insight into history.

  2. Rhobin, you are right! Our Round Robin essays about writing are nonfiction.

  3. I envy you having those letters. I was horrified when my Mum told me she and my dad burnt all their wartime letters to each other. I bewailed the loss of history but she said it was their history. I still have my parents' letters from when I first came to Canada. They are gone now but that 10 years worth of communication is something I treasure. Occasionally I will take up a pen and handwrite a letter to someone, on real paper, sent off in a stamped envelope. The response is usually by email, but that letter is still, strangely, much appreciated my the recipient. I guess we all have fond memories of snail mail.

  4. I have kept many letters from those who’ve written to me. I used to write a lot of letters. I enjoyed it. I have a journal I kept of my graduation trip to Europe. It’s full of facts about the places I visited. So much information. I’ll have to look to see if I included any personal thoughts about the places. One thing I learned in my travels around Europe: if a town had a youth hostel, that hostel would be on the highest hill and as far from the train station as it could possibly be. LOL Seriously, if there was a hill, the hostel would be at the top of it.

    Most of what I’ve written in any of my diaries is not anything I would want anyone to read. LOL My teenage years diaries are full of angst, as only a teenager can express it. LOL And when I write in journals like that, I don’t hold back. It’s more to get my emotions and thoughts out onto a page. There was a time when I wrote every day and burned the writings. (For the best.)

    I found a love letter from my mom to my dad before they were married. That was eye opening. When I showed it to my mom, she was less than pleased that I’d found it. LOL

  5. I completely forgot about journals and diaries, both of which I've kept in my lifetime (not continuously but sometimes.) And I am a frequent letter writer. I still buy stamps in 100 stamp rolls (not used to pay bills which I do on line) So, you've reminded me of a few things I'd forgotten. Your comment, we are writers, so of course we write... is so very true.

  6. I do have diaries/journals started on holidays. they're really useful to remember what the good hotel or restaurant was actually called as oppsed to what one thinks one remembers it was called. the diaries and journals peter out though. I'm useless at the needs to be sone everyday stuff. which is why I was amazed I managed to write up my Lockdown diary on Novels Now for all those posts. It was a reason to get out of bed and a keep a grip on the reality of days passing.