There isn't too much to say. Rhobin with an 'h' is the correct spelling, but after years of going by 'Robin,' I use both. It helps prevent the new acquaintance pronunciation of Rhō-bonn It was a misspelling to begin with, but now I say the h is there just for the hell of it. Plus, I share it with about three other Americans, which makes it unique.

I've always enjoyed reading, especially science fiction and fantasy, but the last thing I thought about was writing a novel. That was until characters and situations started playing in my mind. Finishing a story always amazes me.

A native of Michigan, I left home and lived in Colorado Springs for a year and Missouri for twenty years before returning to settle in a small Northern Michigan community. Snowy winters permit plenty of writing time. Besides writing I read, draw, paint, and garden in the summer, and share with those who share my passion.

My life has been an everyday woman's life, working to take care of my family while trying to do the best I could for my employer, and finding a few minutes for myself. Now semi-retired, I think I tend to be an introspective, private person; a people watcher whose imagination sometimes slips the bounds of daily reality; but that could just be self-conceit, too.

Semi-retired? Yes, I work as an adjunct professor of communications at a local community college, teaching composition for the last nine years.

However, writing is my overall avocation. I love my characters, even the evil ones. (I hope I have no bad characters.) When I take walks or work in my garden, I'm often thinking of my characters, and what they need to do, or where the story has to go. Characters are strange creatures.

When you begin a story, new characters line up like eager actors at tryouts, putting their best face forward; then about the time they think they own the part and the story couldn't possibly go on without them, they get cranky and refuse direction. So it's good to have meditative pastimes like working with plants or trekking roadways step by step, because, since characters come from my imagination, I often find myself arguing with me.

Beside writing books, I post gardening articles on Rhobin's Garden and update this blog. Just recently, I've taken classes on personal narratives and creative non-fiction. I've learned I enjoy the genre and hope to add some of my efforts to this blog.