Thursday, February 18, 2010

Polished Treasures

A friend of mine, who is an avid fisherman and rockhound, polishes stones he picks up. All winter polishers run in his house, which would probably drive me crazy, but the results are wonderful. He gave me a bag full of polished stones. Pretty neat, huh? They were all picked up in this county, so it is amazing to see what lies beneath a stone's surface, and the small treasures just lying at our feet.  I keep them in a candy dish where I can enjoy them -- pick them up and feel the smooth surfaces and admire nature's amazing colors and designs. My cats also enjoy them. They are forever taking one out to bat and chase around the wood floor like hockey pucks.

I particularly like the black stone with a heart shape of harder mineral polished to a higher luster on its surface that is located in the bottom right-hand corner. How cool is that? And what about those red and white speckles and swirls decorating some? The purple one looks like amethyst, while the green stones near the middle look like jadeite of some type. There are many that would make great jewelry if I had the drill and saw necessary, but right now, I've enough projects on my table to complete without adding more. One of those projects is putting electric out in the garage. Then I can purchase my own rock polisher.

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  1. My grandaughter received a rock polisher for Christmas. You could not imagine her delight at the first batch of treasures that the device yielded. She is fascninated with every stone and every color and spent a good half hour describing each to me. I might get one for myself.