Thursday, February 13, 2014

Saving the Great Lakes

I joined a large audience to hear Jerry Dennis, author of The Living Great Lakes, today at West Shore Community College's Main Stage Theater. He spoke on many of the threats to the Great Lakes. It was a long list including invasive species (170 other species, although Asian Carp still remains only a threat, not an actuality), pollution like molecular plastics, water shortages, Nestle and bottled water, general human apathy, and why change seems to take so long.

What I took away is that man is the greatest threat to the Great Lakes. Our uses of it, the economic realities, loopholes in regulations, slow-acting governments and agencies, irresponsible uses both in the past and the present. Mr. Dennis has strong hope for the lakes, their great strength, and resistance. Considering the ever-increasing human population consuming finite resources, I'm not sure.

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