Friday, April 18, 2014

A Second Freebit from Acceptance

Here are six more paragraphs from Acceptance for Ginger Simson's Friday Freebits.

Acceptance is the paranormal fantasy story of two sisters in a Renaissance type world, one with magical 'Talent', the other a null without talent. Acceptance is from the Magic Aegis series.

~ * ~
Alarm entered Tyna's face and Kissre's smile twisted in elation. At Tyna's sudden movement, she rushed the door ahead of her prey and turned the lock. The bolts clicked into place just in time. An instant later the door reverberated with pounding fists. Beyond the iron hinged and banded oak planks, muffled voices shouted to Tyna. Kissre inspected the door and smiled. It was a well-made, heavy door.

"Enough, Kissre, say no more. You're right. We can only hurt each other," Tyna said. She backed away, her look not so scorning now.

Kissre ignored her, stalked her retreat. "Maybe it is time you grew up, learned what life is like for those who aren't cosseted, spoiled Talent brats. Yes, I am a coarse barbaric slut, but I didn't make me so."

Tyna backed a step.

"Guess who paid for your safety, paid for your food and your upkeep, paid all those years before Naomi bought the Caravan? Guess where she got the money to buy a caravan? What? Didn't you know how profitable soldiering could be? I didn't drink, gamble or whore away every pay pack."

Tyna dodged behind her desk. Kissre leaned over it but went no further. Battle-trained reflexes held her, but unbearable heat consumed her. The kill was close at hand. She sensed it, reveled in it—to hell with consequences. "Can't guess?"

~ * ~


  1. Great six. Love the conflict. I can't picture Kissre leaning over the desk and the look on her face.
    Glad to have you join the group.

  2. Tension! Great six! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Great six. Had me wondering what would happen next.