Friday, April 25, 2014

A Third Freebit from Acceptance

Another very short excerpt! Kissre leaves after a confrontation with her sister.

~ * ~ 
"Am I detained?" 

"No, Ma'am," Tomel said. "It was a request only. If I may say so, it is a little late in the day to start such a long journey." 

"Now is as good a time as any. Thank you. Send thanks to Captain Tyna, but I think it best to leave now." She offered her hand to Tomel. "Thank you for your previous service, Tomel. I might wish for your clear tenor on my return trip."

"Then good journey, Mistress Pierce." Tomel took her extended hand, his eyes resting on the blue tracings. They shook once. 

She nodded and opened a saddle pack, withdrew her gloves and put them on. "Family visits, you know, should always be kept short and sweet." She grinned. It cost her, but Tomel didn't notice. He grinned back. "Goodbye, then, Kissre." 

A side-glance caught furtive movement even as Fudge growled in warning. Swinging her head she glimpsed activity in the rooftops lining the road. She yelled a warning to the people following her through the city's gate and wheeled Bother broadside to the stone archway for added protection. Searing pain pierced her thigh. Time slowed. She watched as people retreated to safety. Arrows pelted the cobbled ground and gate guards ran forward from the screaming mob, knocking arrows as they knelt. Agony lanced her arm and side. She felt Bother go down in a sluggish sinking motion, heard his anguished squeals and Fudge's frenzied barks as her vision faded. 

~ * ~ 


  1. Thanks for sharing another intriguing six with our readers. I was remiss in checking the posts this morning as I slept in and when I did, noticed Grelimins had changed my scheduled post of "draft". We were late getting up, but this post stays through the weekend. Hooray. I've done all my sharing on the sites, so hopefully, we'll continue to grow. Great authors involved here.

  2. Wow! What a dramatic action scene. It packs a wallop!

  3. Definitely captures the interest! Another great selection! :)

    Jamie Hill

  4. Rhobin, I was totally hooked. But why no link or title?

  5. Oh my goodness! Totally left me hanging! I hope next one picks up where this left off! ;)

    Wonderfully intriguing excerpt!