Friday, October 17, 2014

Eighth Friday Six Bits from Crewkin

Once she had established a connection with her new crew, a new problem arises.
~ * ~
“Renna,” Zak interrupted Lock. “You said they culled your kin. What did you mean? Culling is a rather harsh term for releasing crew.”

“The caretakers terminated those they felt were inadequate for kin needs and a liability for the company. Dom Dukan said I was lucky. If our kin group hadn’t needed a speaker, I would have been culled from my original kin. He accused me of being more dom than sub.”

“I'm sure they didn't terminate the children,” Lock said with a disbelieving tone. “That's criminal. You must have been too young to understand properly. They probably put the children up for adoption.”

A strange look came over Renna's face. She didn't contradict Lock. Suddenly, her expression changed to one of fright. Everyone's expression soon matched hers.

Cutter felt the disruption: a whirling sense of dizzy disorientation, a sudden sensation of lightening. Food, plates, and utensils glided on the table for a fraction of a second before it ended.

“Grav disruption,” Jake said, his eyes scanning the room's monitors, even as he rose.
~ * ~

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