Friday, October 10, 2014

Seventh Friday Six Bits from Crewkin

In this excerpt, Renna has another unfortunate encounter while trying to fit in with her crew. 
~ * ~
Her eyes focused on Cutter when she woke. As she became aware of his presence, she became agitated. Zak frowned, recognized her panic, and stepped back. When she tried to rise, Cutter placed his large hand on her shoulder, pushing her down.

“Relax, Renna,” Cutter said. “Your shift's over, you need to rest.”

“No, no, I must finish my assignment.” She engaged in a losing struggle with Cutter. Zak knew his brother was loath to use the force needed to hold her immobile. Frantic, she slid sideways from under Cutter’s hand and off the opposite side of the bed. Her unsteady legs nearly collapsed. She gained her footing, moving to stand before Zak with her head bowed.

“May I return to duty, Dom Zak, sir?”

He glanced in uncertainly at Cutter. “Cutter thinks you need time off, I think under the circumstances...”

She sank to her knees, arms spread, and palms up. “I can finish my assignment, Dom Zak. Please do not allow me to fail a second shift in a row. Please, Dom Zak.”
~ * ~

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