Sunday, August 2, 2015

Smoke On The Water -- Lori Handeland

Sisters of the Craft Series, Book 3

St. Martin’s Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-02014-7
August 2015
Paranormal Mystery

Northern Wisconsin Mental Health Facility – The Present

Willow Black is incarcerated in a mental health facility. She killed a man before he could stab, brand, and burn her as her visions had shown her he would. Her rambling about water and her visions landed her in prison for the mentally insane. Found abandoned as a baby, she has been in foster care all her life. Because of her extreme fear of water and her reactions to it, she changed families frequently. If she sees a reflection on water, it brings her visions of things yet to happen, leading to her fear.

In the hospital, another inmate, Mary McAllister, has become dependent on Willow. She tells Willow she is a witch like Mary herself. While Mary frequently goes off the deep end of her psychosis, she manipulates Willow like a master. (Mary plays a part in HEAT OF THE MOMENT, the second book in Sisters of the Craft.) Mary’s scheming brings Mary and Willow to the attention of the facility’s new administrator. Willow recognizes the man. She has seen him in her visions, even made love with him, which is strange considering she is a virgin.

Sebastian Frasier is a psychiatrist, but his new patient tempts him beyond reason. Mary, however, brings him trouble when she disappears from the facility twice with no sign of how she escaped. Somehow he knows Willow in involved, but when he learns how, it takes him somewhere he never believed possible. Somewhere he wouldn’t even believe if it hadn’t actual happened.

Willow’s upbringing is far different from the sisters she will soon discover she has. Her life will be turned upside down, not only in learning about who she is, but also in accepting what she is. She and Sebastian have a difficult romance because Willow is technically his patient and off limits. There are dangers for Willow in the facility, and even more out of it, but the story is an interesting journey. Characters from the previous stories eventually show up to help fight an exceeding dangerous man from the past.

This appears to be the last in the “Sisters of the Craft Series.” I found it very enjoyable, reading at least one of the stories in one night. This series is sure to make fans for Lori Handeland, and send them looking for future (or past) books from this author.

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