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Tempted By The Night -- Elizabeth Boyle

This book was published in August 2008, but it is still available as an ebook. Just because it isn’t new doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be read!Book cover

ISBN: 978-0-06-137322-0
September 2008
Paranormal Historical Romance

London, England – 1810

Hermione Marlowe, one of those ramshackle Marlowes, is in her third season. None of her prospects look encouraging, especially since the man she desires is out of reach. Nonetheless, she tries to attract his attention by wearing her trademark color of Capucine (orange!) and striking ‘poses.’ She refuses to believe the Earl of Rockhurst is the bounder and rake society proclaims. She wants to prove he is an upright man. Two things happen. She finds her friend’s ring on the floor and puts it on thinking that is the safest place to keep it until she can return it. Then she makes a wish to be a phantom from sunset to sunrise so that she might discover all of Rockhurst’s secrets.

Enter Quince and Milton. It is never explained quite what these two are, but certainly magical beings. Milton claims to be the owner of the ring Hermione wears. His former wife Quince grants the wishes of the ring’s bearer; and so she answers Hermione’s wish.

Hermione learns Rockhurst is the Paratus of London. He fulfills the duties his family has carried out for the last eleven hundred years. He and his wolfhound, Rowan, fight the demons from hell and close the holes they open to emerge into the city. She sees this first hand during one of his battles, and Rockhurst learns of his Shadow as he comes to call her — an invisible lady, who seems to be a debutante miss. He sets out to find the young lady, but for what purpose? The most reasonable one is that if he can get his hands on Milton’s ring, he can end the reign of his family’s terrible duty as Paratus. That means killing the ring’s wearer.

TEMPTED BY THE NIGHT captures the feel of a Regency novel while infusing the story with urban fantasy. It makes fun, delightful reading. Hermione develops from a shallow, innocent girl who thinks fashion alone attracts a man, into a loving and courageous woman dealing with the pain of unrequited love. Yes, Rockhurst is attracted to his Shadow by night, but he doesn’t recognize or even notice Hermione by day. While the story is dramatic, bold, and entertaining, the characters provide humor and poignancy. Well worth reading.

Some of the characters mentioned and Milton’s ring are from the 2006 novel, HIS MISTRESS BY MORNING. However, TEMPTED BY THE NIGHT is very much a stand-alone story.

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