Thursday, April 18, 2019

From Depression to Contentment -- Dr. Bob Rich, PhD

A Self-Therapy Guide
Loving Healing Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-61599-435-9 (Paperback)
ISBN013: 978-1-61599-437-3 (e-book)
March 5, 2019

Doctor Bob Rich’s advice comes from both personal issues and professional experience. His advice does not include prescriptions for drugs. Throughout the book he gives examples from his own life and from his patients’ experiences, using alias identities. His approach is one any thoughtful person can learn and apply to their own situation. The book gives information on types of depression, where it comes from, and steps to analyze and overcome individual causes of depression and its reoccurrence. It also gives great communication examples, so ultimately helps people maintain relationships while providing information on how to help others. Each chapter includes homework sessions, useful URLs to investigate, and books that not only back up his suggestions but information readers will also want to explore.

The book covers more than just depression. It talks about dealing with life’s obstacles that lead to depression. Chapter two lists seven requirements for a contented life: healthy eating, satisfying sleep, regular physical exercise, regular fun, creativity, social connectedness, and meaning. With determination, things everyone can achieve. Some of these I need to work on. I found the chapter on relaxation and meditation recommendations very helpful with easy-to-use techniques.

In the About the Author page it states Doctor Bob’s major joy in life is to be of benefit to others, and I must admit this book’s contents were of benefit to me and will help other readers. While it is a relatively short book, those who read it will want to re-read it several times and probably keep it at hand for dealing with difficult times and situations. So when I found the PDF version he gave me to review helpful, I decided to buy the Kindle version.

Doctor Bob also talks about many problems plaguing the world and humanity that can cause depression, which is on the rise. I wholeheartedly agree
with these views.

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