Saturday, April 27, 2019

Once Upon a Bad Boy --Melonie Johnson

A Sometimes in Love Novel – Book 3
Perfect 10
St. Martin’s Press
ISBN-13: 9781250193070
ISBN-10: 1250193079
June 2019
Contemporary Romance

Chicago – The Present

Mercedes Goldovitz, better known as the actress Sadie Gold, has gone through hard physical training for months before she begins an upcoming role. She landed the lead character Jamie in the movie Fair is Fair, based on a best-selling novel. It could be her breakout role. Since her hiring, she has left the soap opera where she played a spoiled rich girl. As her family is very wealthy, many celebrity reporters and viewers think she only played herself and think her family influenced her getting the part. They do not know how hard Sadie worked and continues to work to advance her career, and for this part it means sticking to a very strict diet. Once a week she treats herself to a donut. Today she attends a pre-production ‘table read’ meeting where her costar Ryan, also training and dieting, tells how any mention of carbs makes him feel homicidal. Sadie tells him she has half a donut she will share with him. As they laugh together Sadie hears something not heard in eleven years: Bo Ibarra’s voice. Shocked, she learns Bo is the movie’s stunt coordinator. He was her best friend during the summers she spent with her grandmother during her childhood and teen years. Bo was her first lover. Then on their prom night date, he broke her heart, telling her with no reason or excuse, they were done. She hasn’t seen or spoken to him since.

Bo still feels his attraction to Sadie, the same thing he felt every summer when her parents dumped her off at her grandmother’s estate so they could travel the world. Later he knew it was a doomed relationship. Sadie came from a rich family. His father was the estate manager for her grandmother. He and his family lived in a home provided by his employer. Can he resurrect their friendship? Not on the job, Bo warns himself. His company’s reputation is at stake, so not if he wants to continue in this profession.

While Bo and Sadie work very hard with the rest of the movie crew developing Fair is Fair’s many difficult and sometimes dangerous scenes, their still abiding friendship moves them closer. But the past still haunts them. Why did Bo end their relationship the way he did? And Sadie has kept a secret from Bo.

Sadie’s friends from previous books in the series show up in the story. Especially prominent is Ana, her best friend since high school, who throughout the story acts as Sadie’s mentor. Bo’s and Sadie’s families also play important parts, which explains much about their different situations. Bo’s is warm and comforting, while only Sadie’s grandmother seems to care about her. The movie production scenes are interesting as are Sadie’s problems with media coverage, so the story travels some unusual paths. ONCE UPON A BAD BOY is both a heart-breaking and heart-warming story readers will enjoy.

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