Thursday, August 1, 2019

Constantine's Legacy now available

Frankish warrior in training, fifteen-year-old Leonard watches as a powerful Frank seizes the last Merovingian king’s claim to the royal title and throne.

Leonard’s father, Radulf, is a Frankish dux (duke) loyal to Pippin who is about to become the first king anointed by the power of the Catholic Church.

Power always comes with a price. For Pepin, it involves discovering what the Church wants in payment for making him king and keeping his enemies at bay. For Leonard, it is training in the art of weaponry and learning the intricacies of diplomacy.

Contantine's Legacy is the coming of age story of Leonard, the son of a powerful Frankish noble. Ready to go back in 1,269 years in time? Available now!

Leonard's long journey takes him to Rome and all the way to Constantinople.

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