Saturday, October 23, 2021

Scariest Halloween

Halloween was always an adventure for mewalking the neighborhood in the dark of nightwhat could be scarier? Yet, I was always with my brothers and sisters, and because of the costumes didn't think any neighbor would recognize us. It was fun pretending to be hobgobblins. 

But as per the post previous to this one, I've experienced very strange things happening on Halloween. 

Now, because I live in the country outside a village on the backside of nowhere Michigan (but a beautiful area and friendly community), I no longer have trick or treaters coming to the house. I loved those who came to our door in Lansing, Michigan, and in Harvester, Missouri. Yet the scariest Halloween was crafted by my husband and the neighbor across the street on Teel Street in Lansinga neighborhood street with no businesses on it.

A few cars had been cruising down our neighborhood street at a very fast pace. It was dark and too many children still walked the sidewalks and frequently made unexpected street crossings. Bill and Dick decided to slow some speeders down. 

They made a fabric ghost and strung it between the two trees opposite each other on the street with drawstrings attached.  When a car came by going way too fast, they dropped the ghost on the car's windshield (only to a couple cars). One driver slammed on his breaks but kept going. Shortly a cop car showed up. A driver had reported someone threw something on his windshield. Bill asked, "You mean the one going way faster than the twenty-five-mile speed zone?"

The cop looked up and saw the ghost hanging, smiled, but said, "Don't do it again," and quickly left. No more speeders that Halloween night.

It just shows you what good hobgobblins can accomplish.

On the other hand, I made my daughter's witch-princess costume and took her to the local mall where a costume contest was taking place. She came away with first prize! Halloween is supposed to be fun!

Meridian Mall, 1977 best costume

Skye Taylor 


Marci Baun 

Connie Vines 

Dr. Bob Rich 

Anne Stenhouse 


  1. Hi Rhobin, I think Hallowe'en is much more celebrated in the US than here in the UK. My own favourite memory of guising (Scottish term for it) is of being asked into the house of two spinster sisters where they played easy songs on their upright piano for us to sing along to. A real community experience.

  2. Rhobin, after you have read my post,you will realize that person your father used to stop speeders was no other than Ween.

  3. I grew up in a community out in the middle of nowhere. It was pitch black when we went out. It still is. There are only one to two street lights and it’s seven miles out of town. When the night’s clear, you can see the Milky Way. And, if you watched the video, you’ll see it doesn’t take much to make my mom’s house scary. Well, it wouldn’t. That house is haunted.

  4. Congrats on winning the costume prize. I made most of my kids costumes before they hit their teens and decided I was just not cool enough. I currently live on the beach but way past the busy neighborhoods, but a few kids always come. they were little when they started and now are old enough to drive and are usually on their way to a party, but always stop to say hi and collect the full size bars I can afford to get for just a few kids.

  5. That costume is awesome and deserved to win. Have thoroughly enjoyed everyone's Halloween experiences.