Friday, May 23, 2014

A Seventh Freebit from Acceptance

Status as a Talent or null is important. In this seventh of ten 6 paragraph Freebits, it is partially explained.

~ * ~

Corbin filled Kissre's wine glass as she sank into the deep chair set before the fire.

"Is it safe to talk here?" he asked.

"Probably not, but I'm a null, and you probably are, too. They would have a hard time reading your mind and from what I've been told, can't read mine at all. Do you intend treachery?"

"No, but it is not a pleasant thought that someone could roam through your thoughts and you remain unaware."

"It is illegal. Only a few Talents have a gift that strong. Besides, they save it for special occasions, and for your acute anticipation, they let you know it is going to happen first. Mostly they can feel emotional responses. As long as you keep yourself composed, they don't get much. I understand the envoy arrives soon."

"I am here to plan the accommodations and determine with the Cygnese the protocols for the talks. It is very difficult. They are a wondrously suspicious lot. Every suggestion for the smooth, orderly running of the meeting is cross-examined." Corbin sighed in an elaborate flourish. "I imagine we will debate everything to a standstill."

~ * ~

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