Friday, May 16, 2014

A Sixth Freebit from Acceptance

Known traitor Eldin Innes has discovered the country of his new allegiance is a far fall from the heights he sought in this sixth of ten Freebits from Acceptance.

~ * ~

From his attic window in his Lord's apartment, Eldin looked down at Bhatar Court, Pertelon's King Clement's primary residence. It was raining again and the adjacent tower spires were obscured in a gray mist. It seemed like it always rained here. The dismal aspect was reflected in the room behind him. As the least of King Clement's wards, Aristo Uilleam Leavold's lodgings reflected his position at court.

"It's bad out," his new Master said, bounding into the room.

Without turning around to look at the young man, Eldin answered. "It certainly is."

From this height, on a clear day, he could make the thrusting mounds on the watery horizon that signified Kaereya. He refused to think about living there. For his circumstances, he had only himself to blame. In trying to improve his life, he had destroyed it. His plans, his stratagems to show his ability, all failed. Now he was the spy-servant probable assassin for his chosen king—to this irrelevant boy.

"Cheer up, Eldin. You need not go out in it." Uilleam was cold and wet. He patted Eldin on the shoulder. His damp fingers left moist stains on the silk fabric that would stain.

Uilleam stood next to him, a silly grin covering his face. Eldin regarded his charge. Although older than King Warrick of Kaereya, Aristo Uilleam seemed boyish, a brown-haired young man with royal blood, tall and well made, but not much else; a cuckoo among the court's egrets. The grandson of the king before Clement, Uilleam provoked few concerns in Clement. The boy seldom drew anyone's interest except for the sports of baiting and ridicule.

~ * ~
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  1. You have a wonderful way of describing the lay of the land that makes me see everything so clearly. Of course, this is the first time thrusting mounds made sense to me. *rofl* Great job with your six, and my thanks for being a Friday Freebitter. :)

  2. Whoa! Never thought about that scene in quite that way! LOL, Thanks Ginger.

  3. A great six, Rhobin. It caught and held my interest32268296 2