Saturday, June 14, 2014

Did You See the Honey Moon?

Last night while on the way home, I saw the Honey Moon at dusk. A breathtaking huge soft gold full moon filled the sky. The moon's craters gave the iconic face looking down on us look. The all-day overcast sky had cleared in time to see it, and on Friday the 13th, too. If you've heard any news about this cosmic event about a full moon on a Friday the 13th, you know the 'Honey Moon' comes in June when the chances of it keeping its beautiful color overnight exists. In this instance, a regular celestial event effect by the Earth's tilt toward the sun was linked to the human calendar, myth, and symbolism.

The moon, of course, represents myriad symbols. Almost every ancient culture had a god or goddess of the moon. From my reading of Roman and Greek myths, I like to believe it is the Greek goddess Artemis or the Roman Diana, huntresses both, and dedicated virgins perhaps because most men at the time didn’t consider women capable or worthy of such tasks. The moon is also tied to magic, emotions, and psyche.

Believers combine that with Friday. Traditionally the last day of the workweek and date night, so Thank God it's Friday! It is also the beginning of the weekend, so often is the day trips are initiated. The name supposedly derives from the Old English Frigg, which is from the Norse goddess, and associated with the Roman goddess of love. Languages tied to Latin derive Friday directly from Venus, in Latin being dies Veneris. Thus, Friday is a day of love, but also of ill luck as Christ was crucified on a Friday.

Then we come to Friday the 13th, for many a day to be wary of bad luck, which oddly some see as good luck. And oddly, too, seems mostly a made-up mythology because Friday was conceived as a day of bad luck, and 13 was a number tied to ill fortune when together they created a double whammy of bad luck. Once someone became convinced of the day's back luck, they combed through history for incidents of disastrous situations and recorded or made up new ones.

All this means that yesterday many portents and omens collided. It's up to you to decide whether good or bad, lucky or unlucky. For me, it was a beautiful cool June night displaying the promise that the Earth still orbited the sun, and the moon still orbited the Earth. It only represented a glorious reflection of light in the ebony depths of space and time.

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