Friday, June 27, 2014

Second Friday Freebit from Change

In this very short section, Tyna meets her first witch, or at least what everyone expects someone from the country of Cygna to be.

~ * ~

Tyna poured herself a second cup of tea. Her eyes wandered the area and noticed a man walking into camp. He dressed in plain travelers’ garb with an encompassing fur-lined burlet covering his head. He looked around, then headed toward her. An unusual shaggy looking longhaired gray pony stood tethered at the camp’s edge.

“Mistress Pierce?” the stranger asked in a pleasant voice.

“Yes?” She looked at him, not really seeing him or caring.

“My condolences, mistress, I would not intrude on you at such a time, but I heard in the village that your wagons would be traveling through Seer Pass. That is if you are still going after your recent loss and this early in the year?”

“I must go. The armed escort I hired arrives tomorrow.”

“Then might I join you as far as the Cygna cutoff? I am willing to pay.”

~ * ~


  1. you've piqued my interest. What's going to happen if he goes with her? Great scene.

  2. Another great six, Rhobin. Intriguing.