Friday, June 13, 2014

The Tenth and Final Freebit from Acceptance

Even after the war, the battle is not finished for Kissre, but nearly so in this tenth of ten Freebits from Acceptance. She must deal with the Talents. These paragraphs are from Oracle Zeba's viewpoint during negotiations.

~ * ~

“Enough, Vitann. She is here. Take her. Do not allow her to dictate to you.”

“Quiet, Orrthu!”

“That’s right, Orrthu. Even without Shield Larig, I could inflict enough harm that you wouldn’t worry about tomorrow. Ask Larig of my skills with weapons, and I’ll tell you I am better without.” Behind the Crucible, Zeba saw the Shield smile at Orrthu in affirmation and a clear violation of duty.

Aurelias cleared his throat and in a curt tone, interrupted. “Colonel Kissre, permit me to handle the negotiations.”

Orrthu’s screech drowned him out. “You are making a dangerous adversary, miss!”

“You chose the path.” The utter calm of the voice carried more menace than Orrthu’s outburst. Zeba felt the inherent danger and noticed Vitann, for once, didn’t miss it.

~ * ~


  1. Nothing like a little conflict to tie things up and make people wonder. I've enjoyed your offerings and look forward to what you have in store next.

  2. Thanks for asking me to participate, Ginger.

  3. What I'm loving about Friday Freebits is the vast range of genres. Very tense scene this time.

  4. Rhobin, I've been following this with interest. Well done six.