Friday, September 26, 2014

Fifth Friday Six Bits from Crewkin

Following the previous post, the next morning after the initial meeting, the rest of the crew gathers for breakfast — which Renna declined. Their conversation gives hints of things to come.

~ * ~
“Yeah, like what do they suspect? Are the longhaulers committing some evil against the galaxy?” Lock yawned and stretched. “Well, let's hope our Ren is as highly trained as rumor proclaims podders to be. Her efforts will save us a lot of energy. I never want to experience a run like the last one.” Lock groaned. “Nobody looked more normal or fit-in better than our last hires, and look how strange they turned out. Plus, we wasted lots of time on their training, too. Rather Renna be strange starting and end normal.”

“You think a podder will turn out normal?” Ezry jeered, her voice rising to soprano.

“The bunch of you talking about normal is bizarre,” Zak said. “One of you walks around the ship near-naked except for hair, one like she's a galactic goddess, and one a sexhibitionist. I'm surprised the podder didn't bolt the moment she saw you.”

“It’s like visiting a year-end quad carnival, isn’t it?” Lock laughed. “She nearly did. Jake had already locked-down. We spooked her good.”

“Jake's seldom a fool.” Zak rose, pin-precise as any Astrocorps officer.

“Yeah, and always way too demanding,” Ezry said.
~ * ~

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