Friday, September 12, 2014

Third Friday Six Bits from Crewkin

Shortly after she reaches the designated deck, Renna's new captain literally pulls her onto his ship, the Vagrant Spirit, before she can change her mind. She then meets the crew of this very short-staffed ship.

~ * ~
After several minutes of silence, the man Cutter, who worked alongside her, asked, “What position Jake hire you to?”

Renna flashed a glance to him and back to her work. She didn't look at him again. In her experience norms didn’t like it. “Jake is Captain?”

“You didn't know?” Lock asked, his voice both androgynous and exuberant.

“I knew him as Captain, not by name,” she said as she carefully attended her duty. “He didn't specify a position. I've handled communications, ship’s systems, piloting, astrogation, maintenance, exvee, and engines. What position is open? What's the ship’s designation?”

Someone laughed. Renna cringed, sorry now she’d not cared enough to check the registry with the port authority. Earning laughter so soon was a bad sign.

“You hired on not knowing the captain's name, the ship's name, or your position? Jake found a podder as desperate as himself.” Ezry laughed and turned back to stowing gear.

“Crewkin,” Renna repeated. No one paid any attention.
~ * ~

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