Saturday, May 28, 2022

Stalled Writing. What do I do?

Writing is enjoyable but can be difficult, and making each story and each character different can be challenging. I imagine all writers run into writing blocks where they can't decide which direction the story should take next. Sometimes  I know that I have to take a break from my writing and clear my mind before I take a story further...or even start a new story. 
Matter of fact, I've been on a bit of a hiatus from writing for a while as other important projects have been interrupting my story imagination.

One of my favorite projects to start when my writing is stalled is painting, whether a  piece of art, a craft project, or even painting a room. Sometimes these projects take precedence over writing. My granddaughter recently graduated and my daughter asked me to paint her a box. I've painted many boxes. Why boxes? I don't know, but I still have a few more to paint. My granddaughter called hers a keep-sake box for her odds and end. I also have a few rooms that need painting and updating.


  1. That box is quite beautiful. I wish I had a talent like that, but I fear I've never been great at crafts. I was doing the gardening thing but this year we actually caught COVID during prime planting time and I just haven't gotten around to it since.

  2. Sorry you had COVID. Who would have imagined we'd have a pandemic in this century? My garden is also waiting for my attention although the flowers are blooming without much care.

  3. Love the boxes - I've made teddy bears for all my grandkids and have now started on great grands. But then I buy canvas totes along with an age appropriate picture book and paint the tote to match one of the images in the book. Time to start doing that for my great grands now. I'll keep the painting project in mind next time my writing mind insists on a break.

  4. Hi Rhobin, I like the weeding idea. I find ironing does that for me: brain in neutral while doing something that does have an end result but isn't intellectually demanding. I hope your motivation comes back. I wrote and sold 3 short novels and an 8 part serial during the active pandemic months - now can't get it together. Maybe our brains need downtime after all the rules/laws/new practices we had to learn and maintain for so many months. Anne